Day 11 - Disembark in Copenhagen, Denmark

July 11th

We planned to meet at the elevators at 8:30 a.m. so we could go ashore, ending the cruise aspect of our trip. Since we were only going from the port to a hotel in Copenhagen we were able to disembark as soon as we wanted. Having packed everything the night before, there was no reason for us to stay on board. Chris and I were almost completely dressed and ready when we got a text asking if we could meet earlier than planned. Another text to the group and Brian was at our door to see if we needed any help with the last few bags. We decided to start the walk down to where we were able to disembark, but with the whole ship emptying out when it came time to go down a few levels, the elevators were packed. It was a race between the family members -- those in the elevator versus those who elected to take the stairs. In the end, we all arrived at the gangway at the same time.

Off the ship we were funneled into the warehouse to find our bags. It went fairly smooth for Chris and I. Our section of bags was not very crowded with people and the two of us had a total of four bags and it only took us a few minutes to find them. The rest of the group took a little longer. As they started to pull their bags out from the rows a porter quickly went to find a very large cart. Chris and I stood and counted the bags as they were loaded onto the cart. The final count was twelve, which did not include our four bags, or the bags that each person was carrying on their person. When it appeared we had everything, our cart was pulled outside and we waited for our car service.

Thankfully, our car was at the dock waiting for us. Since we originally planned on having two more people on the trip, a mini bus was waiting with an enclosed trailer attached to the back for the luggage. It only took a few minutes for the driver with the porters (who were all hired by the city of Copenhagen to make a good impression on the travelers) to load up the trailer and we were on our way to our hotel for the next two nights. On the short ride from the port to our hotel we discussed the plan for the start of the day -- showers for everyone, breakfast for Chris and me, and a nap for Kirsten before we convened later as a group to see the city. We pulled up to the hotel. Brad went inside to start the check-in process as we removed the bags from the trailer. We divided them into groups for the bellboys to take to each families rooms. Brad emerged quickly from the lobby and asked for all the reservation paperwork from Tina. This is never a good sign. Not knowing if we had rooms, if we were at the correct hotel or what was going on, Brian and I waited outside with the bags and made sure the driver did not leave.

shopping in denmarkAfter some arguments with the hotel it was confirmed that we were at the correct hotel and all the bags were moved inside and set aside while the situation was worked out. Thinking ahead caused the problem with the hotel. Knowing that the ship would dock very early in the morning and that we would want to shower and get ready for the day at the hotel and not on the ship, Tina had booked rooms at the hotel for the prior night. This was very logical to us because we all understand that by arriving at a hotel at 9 a.m. we would not have been able to check in to our rooms. Even though it meant paying for an extra night, it was the best option when you have a 15 month old. The hotel was unable to find our reservation because they were looking for people checking in today and said that it appeared to be listed under the “wrong day.” Although we paid for the prior night, the hotel had given away our rooms when we had not checked in. Now they had no rooms to give us. Since we had proof that we booked and paid for the rooms, they rushed to clean some rooms and asked us to please go have breakfast compliments of them.