Day 9 - Day at Sea

July 9th

Cruise Ship Log

July 9, 2007 - At Sea: Throughout the day the Star Princess continued her course towards Oslo. We embarked a pilot to assist with the navigation transiting the inside passage through Denmark and also for passing under the Great Belt Bridge.

Noon Position:
55 53.0 N 010 54.5 W

Pressure: 1009.4 kPa

Wind: W Force 5

Temperature:19° C

Sky: Cloudy

Since it was another full day at sea we did not see a reason to get up early, so just before 10 a.m. we finally woke up, skipped breakfast and went straight to the grill on the upper deck. Then went to the casino to try my luck at the slot tournament. Chris won a free entry on our first day at sea, so there was no reason not to give it a try. We tried to call Angela and Tina to tell them about the tournament, but since we had not heard back from them we checked out the “pre-inventory” sale. Not sure why it was called that -- it was a bunch of T-shirts from other cruises and very tacky purses. Trying to kill another day at sea, we stopped by the coffee bar before wandering back to the casino.

By the time we made it back to the casino, Angela and Tina were there playing the slot tournament. I had scored 2,400 on my first try, but got knocked off the board by Tina and Angela. Angela made it into the 6,000’s. With several hours until the final round Chris and I went to work out in the gym. I used the treadmill looking out on to the ocean, which could have been very dizzying if I was not careful. After half an hour of gym time we went back down to check the tournament standings before catching a quick shower. I tried to make it into the finals one more time, with no luck. Angela had both made it into the finals, did not fare so well and none of us walked away with any of the prizes.

kirsten enjoying her pre-meal bread stick

It was another formal dress dinner, allowing us a second chance to capture some good family photos. Ready to go, Chris and I wandered around the casino. Everyone arrived at the elected spot on time and we posed against a white backdrop, with a photographer who appeared to have some clue as to what she was doing. However, she was not really good at listening. When Chris and I were posing together I tried to explain that I did not want my left hand to show since it was burned from the earlier night. She did not understand and angled us in such a way that it was showing in every shot she took.

After a lobster dinner, we went straight to the casino again and this time the wheel was a little nicer to me. I turned my $40 into $125. Chris had lost his money at the craps table, but borrowed $15 and ended up with almost $200 playing three card poker.