about me

I grew up in a very small town -- the most recent census reported there are under 1,000 residents. All the women I knew were moms or did some sort of office work. I never imagined all the other types of careers choices available to me.

I was lucky to live in an artistically driven community. I was positively influenced by all the amazing creatively talented individuals around me. At the young age of nine I was given real watercolor paper. During grade school our class painted a mural on the wall with the help of a local artist. I had a passion for creativity and I dreamed of living in a larger area.

Years later I successfully obtained a college degree in graphic design. Shortly after graduation I moved to Northern Virginia, where I currently live with my husband of five years and our two cats. I spend my free time working on creative projects using materials like glue, paint, computer graphics and more. There are actually very few artistic things I don't enjoy. I also love traveling abroad -- my favorite aspects are exploring distinct sites and learning about other cultures.

drawing in japan